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By: Ileen Meyer
Regarding: Thinkcrdt 888-557-7857
Date occurred: 03/22/13
Posted: 03/25/13 02:31pm
Damage: $1.00
I received my March Mastercard statement. I had a charge of $1.00 from THINKCRDT on 2/16/13. I made no transaction. I phoned the 1-800 number listed and was told it was for a credit report. I told the woman that I had made no request for such information and I asked to whom they had provided with my credit information. Of course, she had no way to check and told me that they had received the private information from my request and she could not refund the $1.00 charge.

I further told her that there was another charge listed as of 2/21/13 for $29.95 from the same company but from another 1-800 number (800-975-6432) Valencia, CA. She readily told me that amount will be refunded to my Mastercard account in two months.and my membership will be terminated.
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  • bicyclereal
  • 04/09/13 05:14am
  • DANGER..!! , , and is SCAMMERS!

    Do not ever to make purchases at their company. Because they are a cheater. We've investigated all the complaints from people who had tricked them. Very sad once ..! Do not never make purchases at their company. If there is one person who makes a purchase in their company.. You will never receive the goods you purchase. And you will lose your money.

    Believe me..!!

    Do not make purchases in their company. They are very dangerous..!!!
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