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Date occurred: 03/16/13
Posted: 03/19/13 03:37pm
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I got a call today asking me to try free for 14 days their membership and I would get a free flight to Miami Florida or Las Vegas and $100 free gas cards from Petro? All I needed to do was pay Shipping of $3.95. and give them my credit card.
They directed me to sites that you needed passwords for... Doubt this is ligit and is a scam. Too good to be true
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  • Irish Sison
  • 04/18/13 05:26pm
  • Did you received the free gas and flight?
  • Paula Laffin
  • 01/03/14 01:17pm
  • I have the same complaints... no way to contact them to cancel without paying $4.99 a min.. they have been taking $17.83 off my capital one card for a few months now and capital one is saying i have to pay the $4.99 a min to cancel... I'm financially tapped out and cannot afford this... B.S.!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
  • 01/10/15 01:02pm
  • These guy are a bunch of thieves. I was offered the same free gas and my $10 gas card cost me OVER $500


  • Anonymous
  • 01/10/15 03:27pm
  • The company is actually located in Montreal, QUEBEC CANADA and has two names Dynamic Marketing Solutions and Tungsten Revenue Consultants. They have over 20 fraudulent membership programs including DiscountmagClub, Magazinesavers, Holiday Savers and Savers City. The company is run by fraudsters Named DP (Stands for Damanpaul) SINGH who wears a Turban and has a long Black beard and his associate who is a fraudster named Ron Mars who runs the sales outbound side for DiscountMagClub and DiscountMagazineSavers. Also the owner is a GREEK origin named Jimmy. Antonaras. They are located at 290 Rue Le Moyne, Montreal, QC H2Y 1Y2 on the 6th Floor (that’s in Old Montreal). The phone number is 1-800-990-1233. They run fradulent membership scams all over the USA AND CANADA. DP Singh email address is and to see how ugly Ron Mars looks like see his facebook profile if you would like to call the POLICE and have a face to go with the profile. Here is the link…
  • Anonymous
  • 02/13/15 08:59pm
  • The man behind all of this is called Darryl Hicks. He runs a company called Tungsten Revenue Consultants out of Montreal. He owns Dynamic Marketing Solutions which is behind, and saver

    These people will take your credit card and do anything they can to bill as much as possible onto it. Their personal beliefs is that if you are stupid enough to give them your information then you get what your deserve.

    They will lure you with the dream of free gas and or free airline tickets. These are virtually impossible to obtain and you will have to go through so many loopholes that it will be impossible to redeem anything.

    On top of this the program's themselves are worthless and once again designed to never pay the customer anything.

    But the worst part is that your personal information including credit card numbers will be used to solicit additional products to you. Once you are in their system you will never get out.

    The shady character behind all of this, Mr. Darryl Hicks, has been running these types of schemes for several years. He is a master manipulator and has built a small empire using the exact techniques explained above. The company employs a network of overseas money laundering businesses in order to maximize profits but also stay under police radar while operating their Montreal call centre.

    Please beware and proceed with extreme caution.
  • Barb Ashton
  • 04/26/15 09:44am
  • # to call to cancel is 1 800 944 8210
  • Edward Smith
  • 10/21/15 03:42pm
  • I received a call today from same company -- and

    I sensed it was a scam call as the agent said they were located on Bloor Street in Montreal and gave me a zip code instead of a postal code. Bloor Street is in Toronto.

    Would suggest you email others and get them to block telephone numbers 780-851-1008 and 438-238-1216 on your phones. I tried calling back to these numbers and (even though got calls from them today, I instead got a recording saying the numbers were no longer in service!

    An agent said the customer service phone number is 1-800-944-8424. I called there and I suspect some employees are not aware of the scams that the company is doing and as a result they sound legitimate on phone -- most likely they are unsuspecting students looking for extra cash by working part-time.

    I would suggest any other people who get similar calls to contact Metro Police in Montreal.

    I just called the customer service number for the companies again today Oct 21, 2015 and told an agent that the company is believed to be scamming people. She confirmed that the company was at 290 Rue Le Moyne, Montreal, QC, 6th floor. I got the feeling she doesn`t have a clue what is going on.

  • supersaver
  • 10/06/16 08:38am
  • Please BEWARE !!! This is a scam. I did not receive my gas coupons and i paid three dollars to agree to some holidaysaver pkg to get it and would have to pay 17 each month after. waiting two weeks to get this pkg. never got it. s i called to cancel before i would have to pay each month. Then they told me it was all sent by email. Very upset to be taken advantage of.
    I think this is a total scam. Dont be suckered into it.
  • HolidaySavers
  • 10/13/16 09:10am
  • My mother is 84 years old and suffers with dementia and is also hearing impaired. She ordered some joint supplements and some how she entered into an agreement with HolidaySavers and SaversCentral. I received her credit card statement and called on 9/3 about the amounts charged to her on 7/26
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