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Date occurred: 03/16/13
Posted: 03/19/13 03:37pm
Damage: $0.00
I got a call today asking me to try free for 14 days their membership and I would get a free flight to Miami Florida or Las Vegas and $100 free gas cards from Petro? All I needed to do was pay Shipping of $3.95. and give them my credit card.
They directed me to sites that you needed passwords for... Doubt this is ligit and is a scam. Too good to be true
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  • Irish Sison
  • 04/18/13 05:26pm
  • Did you received the free gas and flight?
  • Paula Laffin
  • 01/03/14 01:17pm
  • I have the same complaints... no way to contact them to cancel without paying $4.99 a min.. they have been taking $17.83 off my capital one card for a few months now and capital one is saying i have to pay the $4.99 a min to cancel... I'm financially tapped out and cannot afford this... B.S.!!!!!!!
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