Money Plus Saver Scam

By: Anonymous
Regarding: Money Plus Saver Scam
Date occurred: 02/27/13
Posted: 03/02/13 07:25pm
Damage: $110.00
They took out 89.95 and 19.95 out of my acct without my authorization! I have to close my account that I have had for a long time!! I did not authorize these charges!
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  • Anonymous
  • 03/05/13 07:59pm
  • Same thing happened to me. I applied for a loan, a person called me saing he was confirming my information to process my loan. He was impossible to understand and said something about money plus saver and I said I don't want anything I have to pay for. He said nothing will be charged to your account. He said I needed to go to a website and electronically sign my loan papers. Those papers didn't exist. The website didn't lead me to anything. They have nothing to do with a loan, just getting your info to debit your bank account without authorization.
  • bicyclereal
  • 04/09/13 05:18am
  • DANGER..!! , , and is SCAMMERS!

    Do not ever to make purchases at their company. Because they are a cheater. We've investigated all the complaints from people who had tricked them. Very sad once ..! Do not never make purchases at their company. If there is one person who makes a purchase in their company.. You will never receive the goods you purchase. And you will lose your money.

    Believe me..!!

    Do not make purchases in their company. They are very dangerous..!!!
  • Money Plus Saver Scam
  • 04/17/13 11:17pm
  • Answer: i was scammed from my bank acct 89.00 on 4/15/13 i didnt auth this draft out of my acct.
  • Rijah Kj
  • 05/01/13 05:08am
  • Visitors of this site, please be aware this is not the Money Plus Saver website. Please contact the Money Plus Saver customer service directly at 818-528-4502 between 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday. Money Plus Saver is ready to help its customer. Thank you.
  • Money saver plus
  • 05/29/13 01:17pm
  • this scam is getting worst I did not tell them to take out my account I want my money back asap
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