The person is not Stuart James

By: Debby Wadsworth
Regarding: none
Date occurred: 02/22/13
Posted: 02/25/13 11:17am
Damage: $500.00
The person in all of these complaints under the name Stuart James is not SFC Stuart James. His photos and identity were stolen See my story below.

I myself was a victim and had interaction with probably the same group from Africa being reported online that use the name James as the first or last name. It began on when someone who portrayed themselves as “Ricky James“, a supposed SSGT with the Army Reserve, that was stationed in Iraq with the 332 ECES EOD (F317E0), close to the end of his tour and originally from Conyers, GA. His emails came from

This person was very well versed in English and on time at the set time every day for a Yahoo IM chat. He, or maybe it was a she, used romance and poetry along with common statements of “I will always be there for you”, “You are my world”, “I miss you”, “I am thinking of you.” and more.He portrayed himself as a romantic, caring and compassionate person all to win me over.

After about of week of interacting on Yahoo the first request came for a simple care package with t-shirts (Acosta), shorts, sandals, towels, shower gel and of course a picture of me. He also asked 30 pairs of shoes he said he wanted to give to the children at the local orphanage. Thirty pairs of shoes were a bit much, but the rest all seemed understandable because other soldiers, that are real soldiers, have lists if items they would like. Then came the start of the first scam – the package has to be sent to his “diplomat”,, in Ghana for delivery to the supposed James. The reason given is APOs take 2-3 months and his diplomat would deliver it within a week.
I mailed it off thinking I had done a good deed for a soldier. Then an email came from his “diplomat” needing $100 to get the package out of customs. Shocked I did some research about Ghana customs and found they do open packages and charge fees for the contents. I also found they don’t treat every package or every customer the same.

About a month went by and James continued to be online every day, twice a day professing his love forever. Then came the big scam. The story he told me is below from him during interaction on Yahoo. He needed $3,000 wired immediately to get it out.
Ricky James: Well I have a package here and it contains a huge sum of money given to me as gratitude for helping an old kurdish woman Honey......I have the package hidden and I want to send it to you for safe keeping until I am back home Honey
Ricky James: Yes it is legal.....I have it hidden bcos I risk my life to retrieve it from the basement of the old kurdish woman ,and if my commander knows about it ,he will want to share it among the whole buddies here,so since I was the one who did all the work,I have it hidden and want to send it back home to you for safe keeping until I am back home Honey
Ricky James: I want to first discuss with you and then I will contact my diplomat to come over and have it deliver to you in person
Ricky James: He will deliver the package to you in person ............And the package contains huge sum of money ,gold and diamond jewelries
Ricky James: That woman is from a rich family and the mother of Ali Chalabi who is a minister.....
Ricky James: Those bad guys came over to their house and kill the whole househood,she and her 2 grand kids are the only survivors in the incidents Honey
Ricky James: She only give me part of what I brought to her from their basement Honey ...She have moved to Kuwait to settle down and live with her 2 grand kids Honey
Ricky James: The money is close to $20million
Ricky James: Try to raise some funds there please

I was wise, caught on something was wrong, and refused to send any money despite his begging and pleading, and stopped contact. Others I have interacted with were not so wise and been scammed for thousands.

This group uses several identities, but James is usually part of the name. Names reported on include: Ricky James, Stuart James, James Grove, William James, James Walker, James Brown, James Root, Bryan James and more. Email addresses have included,,,,, James Brown,,,

The photos used in my scam as well as the others on are of the same person, a Stuart (Stu) James. I contacted the real Stuart James through his My Space account. He told me his identity and pictures were stolen. The real man in the pictures is SFC/1st Sergeant Stuart James, a member of the Army Reserve, and a happily married man with children.

I also noticed the week of Valentine’s Day the scammers had profiles on and using the pictures of Stuart James. I contacted the web sites and they said the profiles had been reported. Then why are they still showing up?
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  • Anonymous
  • 03/19/13 05:21pm
  • I have been scammed by this same person and have reported him or her who ever it is.Doing and saying about the same thing and using Sturat James pictures.and yahoo messenger very scary.Please keep me informed.If I can help catch this person in any way or form I still have him on my computer if that would help at all same with my cell too?
  • Sharon Olafson Carter
  • 03/19/13 05:32pm
  • He gave me an address too 1419 westwood Blvd. Los Angelas ,California,90024with me is is using
    Son in ghana
    Sons email address is suppose to be
    Oh and he caught me on on the chat.
    He had pictures of my family already!He had me block myself off that sight.and get on yahoo messenger.
  • Christa Christova
  • 03/24/13 05:07am
  • I met James Stuart on Skye. His ID james.stuart95.

    He said his wife pass away due to the accident 6 years years ago. Yes he've tried to ask about to send some stuff, but I said we have so many poor families and I already prepare to give them my things.
    Yes the valuable 2 boxes appear appear too, but have to come from Belgium, Golani Security Company, I've checked the address and tried to call and then said that it's look like not official site and there is now such a brunch in Belgium. But really it's very said that it's touch so many of us. But real James Stuart is really handsome. Now so many woman love him all over the world. It's also little bit scary that his pictures everywhere. His wife suppose to be very happy lady with real JS. I read about him in news.
  • Anonymous
  • 05/02/13 04:19pm
  • I was visited by the scammers on facebook, with pictures of stuart james also, v.convincing at first,sent poems, claimed to love me etc.then asked me to write to the UN.for his leave and they would want a fee, after some research, I learnt that is not how the US military operates. Also sent an official .mil address. v. upset as "he" said he would come to visit, then made death threats to me when I confronted him and said I thought he had stolen the i.d. At present there are 2 stuart james facebook pages open are they genuine or scammers trying to dupe people again?
  • Anonymous
  • 05/14/13 10:13pm
  • This individual contacted me Friday. I have been egging him on. I almost lost him this morning, but was able to reel him back in. I don't think he's on to me, but I still need to be very careful. He contacted me via Yahoo IM claiming that he was a Flight Lieutenant and Major 'Sergeant in the US Air Force. The USAF does not have that rank. Then he sent pictures of "himself" wearing an army uniform. He did not tell me how his wife passed, but he has this daughter who is supposedly very excited that dad met a new woman. Get this he wants me to buy her an IPhone5 for her birthday. There must be several players because the writing style are different. At one point I almost asked if he was drunk. I hope there is something that can be done about this. I feel sorry for the poor guy in the picture. It is circulating all over the world. My question is this: how many women do they try to scam at once.
  • Anonymous
  • 05/15/13 08:46am
  • I have been in contact with this individual since Friday. He doesn't know I know who he is. I don't know what law enforcement agency to contact. I would like these people stopped. If someone can tell me who to contact that would be great.
  • maria hart
  • 06/12/13 06:20am
  • major general stuart james who served in iraq was fataly wounded 1/19/2013 so if anybody is conntacted this will be a scammer
  • Anonymous
  • 06/14/13 11:07pm
  • I meet a j.bill87 and Jamesfhisher1230 his ask me send him a money, when I said I am not send his start tell me I don't love him and don't trust him. I am start looking in google and found real James
    Women need more care fool abut date site.
  • Anonymous
  • 06/19/13 12:30am
  • I was scam in skype- General James Velder. i write here, because i want his new name is expose and woman found this in internet. in skype he have more difrent name variants.
  • Anonymous
  • 06/25/13 04:41pm
  • I was victimized by this Ghana group as well. The real Stuart James resides in Memphis, TN and works in Alabama. He is NOT married, has NO children, but is apparently involved with someone. He's on Facebook as well. Any warnings that we can make, the better for others. I made reports to Facebook - there were at least 16 people created on Facebook with the same pictures - Facebook didn't do anything about it. They are just trying to punish conservatives!
  • Anonymous
  • 07/16/13 08:03am
  • I am also a victim of this same scam
    Told me he was a Major in the US Air force based in Afgahnistan. Will be taking early retirement at end of June 2013 then go home and take care of his 1o year old son Mark
    But decidd to come to see me firdt so that he coudl take me home with him etc etc etc.
    Asked after quite a while of chatting everyday on yahoo messenger if I can pay for courier fees for a parcel from Gahna...I categorically said no without any hesitation. BUT I did ask for the ID and reference of this "courier in Ghana" the Id of the man in Ghana for the parcel sent me all his info, an airline waybill as well as pictures of him and his kids.....
    What I did not even realise at that time was that they were trying to get money from me and I kept my word and just said I wont pay anyone any money
    He then just said not to worry he wil l sort that out when he is back hom in US
    It was very difficult as I was at that stage so in love with this Stuart James, alias Steve Walker (the scammer's name with email address of that it was very difficult to keep on saying no to him but I did
    I feel the same as Debbie above with regards these pictures and these profiles as Stuart James's pictures have been utilised by scammers since 2009 if you go onto website and yet its stil being used
    Can we not ask Stuart James even though it might hamper his private life and what he wishes to put on websites of himself and his family..can we not ask him to minimise the chances of some scammers at least
    I mean this has destroyed my life and I am not sure whereto from do one pick up the pieces after such devestation
  • Anonymous
  • 07/16/13 08:11am
  • The positng of Maria Hart wth regards Major General Stuart James being fatally wounded on 19 January 2013 is i fact incorrect as I hold a picture of this Stuart James taken on 25 May 2013 with a red Georgia T Shirt on
  • Deirdre Kavanagh
  • 07/18/13 12:58pm
  • Someone just tried to scam me using these photos (Stuart James). He used the name James Hendrick and said he was in Mali Africa. His line was....I was shot in the back but my lap top saved me....but I cannot stay in touch with you unless you send me a computer. I said I could not. He stayed online with me even after I refused. He then asked again, about 2 months later for another lap top. Again I refused and that was the start of the end. He was good. However there were changes in his writing style which led me to believe that more than one person was writing to me.
    Beware of these photos. The guy eventually told me that he was in Arccra Ghana...go figure.
  • maymay valdez
  • 08/09/13 06:05am
  • i also meet this guy in skype..he use skype id james velder4..
    he was a good looking , very handsome,i love him more in more since i meet him in skype.. till now
    he changes my outlook my life..He tried to ask me send money to his agent.. but luckely he never get the money i send to the agent.. thanks a lot
  • Anonymous
  • 08/12/13 01:31pm
  • I too was scammed by a man using a false name but with the identity of Stuart James
    This wont and cant be stopped now unless each and every public site is forewarned to look out for these pictures and keep a record of the real owner of the pics and that way blocking the new applicant to the site bit I have tried they wont to get involved they looking for memberships
    Sadly there are many heartbroken and sad women who have been betrayed walking around and all heavy in love with the real man...married and untouchable
  • Anonymous
  • 08/21/13 08:42am
  • I too have been chatting with this person for almost a month now. He hasn't really asked for any thing other than a phone he like for me to send it to a friend that is headed to Iraq. All the reports I've read seem to follow along the same storyline's. I have not given any info on myself plus I use an alias when meeting people on line until I meet then in person and get to know them.
  • Anonymous
  • 08/26/13 10:12am


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  • Sharon Ulloa
  • 09/02/13 05:34pm
  • Hello, I just want to let you know that I have been in touch with this scammer.
  • Anonymous
  • 09/10/13 11:37pm
  • I also have been scammed by this same person he goes under james williams james also says his name is james peters williams same pictures
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