Mizulean Scam

By: Anonymous
Regarding: Mizulean
Date occurred: 11/30/12
Posted: 12/03/12 02:55am
Damage: $67.00
Mizulean charged December, 1 $67 more than they said they would. I got there trial product and expected to be charged for shipping only - which was the advertisement all about. Instead I now have to cancel my credit card while these payments are still pending (20+47 UDS).
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  • Denis Tearle
  • 02/08/13 05:54am
  • I ordered their proclean and it made me ill I got a return number from their accounts department and did exactly as they asked , the product was returned to them on January 14th by signed for post and they took the money £69.95 out of my bank account today, emails to them jus keep comming back as undeliverable
    Denis Tearle
  • Anonymous
  • 02/08/13 06:16am
  • I sent for free trial offer paying only postage. Tablets arrived and it shows that I have to pay for "free" offer unless I phone and cancel. I have tried to phone for 3 days with no answer. I have phoned my credit card company to ask that no payments are processed.

  • Anonymous
  • 02/25/13 04:46pm
  • Yes, just been caught by the same situation. "Trial Offer", postage only to be paid, carefully manipulated despatch, so that delivery is only made just before THEIR stipulation for payment!!!! is to be made by debting the card with which you have paid the postage. What a shame, if only they were honest I am sure they would have many more repeat customers. The other joke is - card companies say you must pay (even if you have not agreed), then wait 15 days before making a claim back - heavens knows how long that would take. The worst part is that they play on a Channel4 statement made by a presenter. It's about time the papers are involved - were's the Daily Mail?
  • sue davies
  • 02/28/13 04:11am
  • I too, have been caught out with the free trail offer. I could not believe that despite reporting these people to my credit card company they still took monthly payments. As far as my credit card company is concerned if I have the product they take the money. I had to cancel my card. The original Diet product advert is very misleading.
  • Marine Brisky
  • 03/02/13 09:31am
  • I never received the product. Almost forgot all about signing up for free Mizulean trial until i went to my bank and realised Mizulean charged me not only shipping but twice for $89.99 in a row. It was less than 2 weeks. I called was on hold for 1hour I asked about my order and if it was sent, the girl was very rude, I said its been almost over 2 weeks and I'm calling so you do not charge my card until I recieve the product. How is this fair trial when they charge you without sending the product. Representative admited that mizulean migh have not been even been shipped, but when i told her my card was charged she looked up shipment details and told me it was shipped to some totaly different province and adress. she also said that they tried to take out 89.99 twice on my card and it didnt go through, than she started being rude and raising her voice at me when i asked how that could charge my card twice already and innever got the product the trial never began. She arrogantly said that it is my fault. It is up to me to call and cancel. I asked how am i supposed to cancel when the product was never sent to me yet the card was charged with shipping, plus two payments of 89.99. This is all surreal to me I told her how I feel just like another statistic added to this scam. That is when she started getting really defensive saying its not a scam but clearly never apologized once not even when she clearly seen they sent the product somewhere else and I never received did not even explain to me why they charged me money if I have 2 weeks( which is ridiculous I can understand a month but you don't even get the product in 2 weeks how is this a trial.? This company is disquisting in every way the are biggest scam because they take money regardless of costumer receiving product they are inky after your money. There is not a single study to prove this product works. I read into it and its ingredients, it is damaging to people with weakend cardiovascular system and could kill you with heart attack. It makes your heart rase because its filled with ephedrine which was a banned substance in Canada and US I believe not FDA approved. No one ever lost any weight on Mizulean, it's not even worth $5, yet alone $200 they charge your credit card soon as you start your free trial regardless if you even recieve the product. Do not expect an apology or your money back not even to get the product resent after they admit they shipped to incorrect address. What else can I say but a Major major scam, is all this was built to be not anything to do with weight loss. Go to a health supplement store and buy something else that won't cause heart side effects, and you can return and won't cost you over $200.
  • gullible george
  • 04/20/13 09:06am
  • i ordered the free tial postage only it arrived 4 weeks later rang they had already taken out of the bank the full amount. rang them they said send it back within 3 days still waitng 2 months later rang again there is no refund because it was after the 14 day trial what a ripoff avoid this company they just take your money
  • GG GG
  • 05/02/13 02:23pm
  • Biggest scam ever!! So hard to get out of it! Had to change Visa cards to stop the payments!
    Horrible exaperience.
  • ken stephenson
  • 05/10/13 08:57am
  • I have been conned as well * loosing almost £280.00 with no help from Lloyds Bank
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