investment fraud

By: Anonymous
Regarding: Meyer Asset Management/Richard Cayne
Date occurred: 05/09/10
Posted: 11/25/13 09:46pm
Damage: $17,000.00
Please, please, please, whatever you do, stay away from Richard Cayne and his "companies", Meyer Asset Management / Meyer International and Asia Wealth Group. I can't say this strongly enough and tell your friends. This guy was working as an IFA (independent financial advisor) in Tokyo until 2010, when he was sanctioned by the JSFA and took off to Bangkok. To make a long story short: He has scammed hundreds of investors (expats and Japanese alike) out of thousands of dollars in a bogus land banking investment known as Royal Siam Trust and many strongly suspect he embezzled the money. He operates out of Bangkok now but tries to make like he is still in Tokyo. Seriously, be warned. Do not do business with Richard Cayne.
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  • Anonymous
  • 12/20/13 11:14pm
  • I second that! Stay well clear of this guy Richard Cayne and his Asia Wealth Group Holdings and Meyer subsidiaries. Not a doubt in my mind the Royal Siam Trust funds were funneled into these.
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